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Welcome to Athletic & Family Chiropractic

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Athletic & Family Chiropractic is recognized throughout the region for its success in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries associated with sports and athletics. We also provide outstanding family care and treatment for auto and workers' compensation injuries. Whether you are a weekend, school age, or professional athlete, injuries can limit performance or confine you to the sidelines as a spectator. The mission of Athletic & Family Chiropractic is to provide total care - from treating injuries to helping you to reach optimal healthfulness, and returning all patients to an active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

-John Van Tassel, D.C.

"Dr. Van Tassel was very helpful and lent an open ear to hear what the problems were. He was able to go directly to the problem spot and gave me a treatment plan that has improved my condition dramatically." - Dustin H.

Athletic & Family Chiropractic of Tallahassee is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.

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